autumn has come

Today, I will talk about “autumn leaves”.

 In Japan, it gets cooler and cooler these days. When it gets cooler, the leaves change color into red, yellow or various other colors as if they are trying to be the most beautiful at the very last moment before they fall. The exact date for looking at autumn leaves change annually depending on the weather, but it is usually from mid-September or early December. In this season, many people go out to the mountains to see autumn leaves, this activity is called “momiji-gari” or Autumn leaves hunting.

 The three most important annually considerations for people wishing to enjoy momiji-gari are : the timing, finding a place where the atmosphere and scenery match the autumn leaves, and the convenience of the location. People also enjoy the views of autumn leaves with using a bath, or onsen.

 In this season, I often go to mountains to hike. The time I went to a famous mountain, I often saw foreign people in the mountains. We greeted each other, and that time Japanese was used! Unexpectedly, the foreigners that I saw could speak Japanese fluently. I was surprised at that moment. Whenever I experienced such incidents, I decide to give learning other languages a try! Do you think it is the best season to learn other culture?



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