“Study abroad ” What a dreamful word.

Many people once dream about it.But it is not always easy. Some people do the best effort to make that great thing called “studying abroad” come true.

If you really want to study abroad,
“Just thinking about it” does not make anything happen.
Stop being vague and grope for ways.

First, you must know about yourself.  You must know what you want to study, what and how you want be in the future.

Then, you look for schools that have the programs which you want to study.

To decide where and which school you want to go, you need to gather a lot of information of each schools.You gather information on the countries where you want to go, such as urban affairs, economical situations, histories and so on.

You wouldn’t want to go to the place where its situation is being dangerous or threatening even if there is a school you could go.
By contrast, you would want to go the place where you feel safe to go abroad to study and live.

After picking out several schools you are interested in, you gather each school’s information and check them thoroughly.

You must know about the program the school provides, tuition, requirements, international students support….everything.

Then you would be able to figure out whether your “studying abroad” is practically possible or not.

Even if your studying abroad seems impossible at this point, don’t give up.There must be the ways to fulfill requirements. Grope for ways!!

If you need money for tuition, Work hard!!
In same time, you can seek for scholarships which you are eligible for.
There are hundreds and thousands scholarships.

If you need academic credits, you can try for GED no matter how old you are.

If you need English skill, Hey!! Study hard and take English proficiency test one after another.

If you need to persuade your parents, well, that’s the hardest part.
You just got do the best effort and show them your enthusiasm to make that great thing called “studying abroad” come true.




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