for English learners

English has a huge vocabulary that includes words from many different languages. English is Germanic language and many of its most common words have German roots: the, is, of, go, you, man, and woman etc. However, from the beginning, English borrowed words from other European languages, including Latin: compete, invent, secretary, attract etc. And Greek: alphabet, mathematics, technology etc. After invaders from France took over England in the year 1066, English gained a great many French words: officer, foreign, crime, survive etc. Since that time, English has welcomed useful new words from many other languages such like Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Turkish, and Japanese to name just a few.

Because English has such a background, it is learned and used in many countries. It is easy to learn its grammar or words because English connotes a lot of foreign languages in itself.

I think that it is important for English learners to learn their own languages. To do like this, the wider we know about English vocabulary, the easier you obtain English skills. In Japan, it is said that the elementary school students, third grade, eight or nine years old students will start to learn English at their school. But I wonder it is right for them to come to learn English and be able to use it fluently. I believe that it is right to learn the language of one’s native country first and deeply. And they can learn other languages more easily.





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